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In depth info on keeping your bunny healthy, training, health problems/concerns, bonding bunnies etc. 

We Strive To Raise Beautiful Holland Lops who will Be Loving Pets!

What you need to know before taking your new friend home.

We are a small hobby farm with a passion for animals and country life. We love the enjoyment our animals bring us, especially the bunnies! Our animals are very well cared for and we've taken the time to enhance their living conditions  to ensure they have consistent and reliable food, water and a very clean atmosphere. We interact with our bunnies on a regular basis and they recieve individual care and attention. We are about quality, not quantity and we do this as a hobby. We bring our bunnies to shows as time permits and our oldest daughter does 4h with the bunnies as well. We LOVE LOVE LOVE our bunnies and the joy they bring us! We hope to share this lovely creature with others! 


Health Guarantee, how we price our buns, how to place a hold, payment terms and conditions etc. 

Current and upcoming bunnies who are looking or FUR EVER homes!

Our oldest daughter Penelope, with "Nibbles"